Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Good News Day

Today I got some really good, really matters, really important good news. And some "yay I'm awesome!" good news.

*Even better than finding a minion pinata. Which is pretty damn good news. 

I'm sort of winning.

*Even more than when I have coffee. 
**I clearly get excited a lot and take pictures with things. Go ahead and judge. 

Right before my second class today (where we watched part of the "I'm Spartacus!" part of "Spartacus" and one of my students actually teared up) I got an email about a fellowship I had applied for at school.

I got a one semester fellowship (freedom from teaching responsibilities) for next Spring!

This means I can have a semester to travel (London, Paris, maybe Germany) and then come back and write uninterrupted, while still being funded. This is great news for me, since I'm teaching two classes (70 students) and it's hard to write and find time to travel with that course load.

I did the Kirk Douglas single tear a little:

Then I got an email from Yelp, inviting me to be a part of the Yelp Elite for 2014!

*People know me. 
**Check out my reviews here!

So, of course, in the long run, one of these matters more for my career and my degree and all that. But being recognized as a serious scholar with an academic future, and as someone who is fun and sensible and a part of this community are both amazing feelings!

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