Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wednesday: What I Wore Today

I'm about 2 solid days of work away from finishing this comp.

And then I take my oral comps on the 22nd.

So I'm freaking out.

But today.

Today I wore my favorite dress.

That I got at Target for $4 about 5 years ago.

So things cannot go bad today.

It's a knee length sundress (and it's sleeveless - I've just always worn it with a cardigan before, but it's a billion degrees out) and it has the best pattern with a million different colors, and it's super flowy and cool. 

And I put on my makeup appropriately, and straightened my hair, and wore cute shoes.

*I got these from American Eagle a couple of months ago. They're similar to these.
**Also, I run. And did dance. Please don't judge my wonky feet. 

I look cute, I have all the materials I need to write, and I got a Route 44 drink today.

So today can't be bad, no matter how stressed I am. :)

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