Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lots happening in the world - and a lipstick review!

So there's been a lot going on the past few days.

SCOTUS, in particular, has been making some waves. While the VRA shenanigans are ridiculous, I'm so happy that DOMA and Prop 8 have basically been struck down. It's not a perfect ruling, and there's still a lot of work to be done, but equality got a huge boost yesterday.

Senator Wendy Davis from Texas (and all the other senators who helped out) is awesome, and I'm so proud of the protesters who helped kill SB5. Of course Rick Perry is going to call another session, but I'd like to think that this is a clear sign of what the people actually want.

So the last few days have been kind of heavy. Beyond all that, I'm sick (still), and stressed out (still), and broke (damn you grad school!).

What makes everyone feel better? What raises everyone's spirits? What compliments equality and revolution perfectly?


*Image via Sephora.

This pink lipstick in particular.

It's BareMinerals "Risk it All," and, despite being a red lipstick devotee, I love it.

I talked about my adventures in lip gloss buying in Utah a few days ago, and this was part of that same trip. I even posted a pic of this lipstick. But, other than trying it on in the City Creek Mall Sephora, I hadn't really worn it. 

I'm an impulse shopper.

But then. 


I wore it. 

And my lord...I might be a pink lipstick convert. 

This isn't even pink. This is "hot pink" according to Sephora. It's "energetic magenta" on the BareMinerals site. It's not bubblegum, so I don't look 12 or like I'm in an 80's music video (although, side note, I will hella rock a side ponytail on occasion, and just bought a neon green mini skirt, so I might actually live in an 80's music video normally...). It's not too orange, it's just a really good, deep shade of pink. 

Here it is on:

Even with no sleep, 12 hour days reading essays, and lots and lots of time spent shopping and walking, I still think the color makes me look way more awake and...alive...than I really was. (And yes, there is a filter on this, but the lip color is the same. I just filtered out the awful things fluorescent lights do to people.)

Here's in my kitchen, yesterday, no filter:

*Kirby's kid is in 90% of my selfies in the kitchen, although I'm really confused about why everything looks reversed here. Anyone who's been in my kitchen knows that's not the order things are in. I'm either on a lot of drugs or way worse at spatial reasoning/math than I thought...

Even with pulled back hair and a Packers shirt (woohoo!) this lipstick still manages to look good. 

Could I have found the ultimate, wear with anything, lipstick? 

Here are two pics from the excellent and informative blogger Shelbey

Beyond the color, the texture is great. It's not super glossy (like the other lipstick I wear all the time, Makeup Forever's Aqua Rouge in Iconic Red) but it's glossy enough that it doesn't feel dry and flaky. And it lasts FOREVER. Like next day, after I've eaten, drank, brushed my teeth, tossed and turned, taken a shower...still there. 

The only downside is the tube. I like that the top part won't just come off, but the button and slide situation makes it even more likely that I'm going to drop it either opening or closing the lipstick. And at a well-worth-it $18 a pop, I really don't want to do that. 

Has anyone tried any of the other colors? I'm thinking about trying the nude in the fall, and maybe trying their red color when I run out of my others (or just because I'm an addict...). 

So, enjoy the news, keep fighting for love and equality, and, while you're at it, look amazing/gift someone the gift of looking amazing. Because you really can't go wrong with pink. 

*BareMinerals, Sephora, Makeup Forever, and anyone else I mention on here have no idea who I am. I just like a captive audience to talk about things I think are pretty. :)


  1. ahhhhh, must have. do you think it would clash horridly with red hair?

  2. I don't think so! This seems like one of those colors that would look good on anyone - I did put it on with an orange dress the other day and it was too much, but with red hair I think it would look great!

  3. I appreciate the credit, Amber! To answer your question - I'm assuming you were referring to the READY foundation when you said the girl told you it would be "too hydrating"?

    I will be the first to admit that the READY foundation is not for everyone. However, Bare Minerals has marketed it for all skin types. I think it depends on a lot of different things such as your pore size and whether you like fuller coverage or not. The READY foundation is in a whole new world of its own. The colors are not the same as the original, some people love it, and some people hate it. It's literally a hit or miss foundation for most people.

    My holy grail is the original formula. However, my skin is dry and lately it has been SO dry that the READY foundation almost seems to set on my skin better. I would highly suggest wearing it for a day to see how you like it (if you haven't already) Ask the ladies at BM to match you up and wear it around to see how it works with your skin. I hope this helped!

    P.S.- I've personally come to find that it blends into the skin better with the original brushes compared to the new Precision Face Brush ;) but again, it works differently for everyone!

    xo- Shelbey