Sunday, June 3, 2012

How is it June already?

Sorry about the sparse posting - I was sick, then I was on vacation. Now I'm back and facing a seemingly insurmountable stack of books for my comps.

Not a whole lot going on - summer is flying by too fast, and I don't seem to be motivated to do anything about it. The problem is, beyond dealing with the emotional blows of the last year, I'm really not interested in my degree anymore. I mean, I want my PhD, and I LOVE what I do...but I want to write my dissertation and be done with it. I don't want to write my comps, I don't want to do my prospectus, I don't want to jump through all of these hoops. I know I have to, and I realize 90% of getting through grad school is bureaucracy and stamina, but wow I'm ready just to get to a "real" point.

So I'm not dead, just lazy and unmotivated. Maybe June will be better?

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