Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I'm a platter, but still...

A good friend told me one time that people shouldn't judge when others are overwhelmed, or feel bad because they're struggling, because everyone has different size plates.

Some people have saucers, and can only handle a couple of things at a time, because nothing else will fit on their plates.

Some people have dinner plates, and can handle several things easily. 

Others have serving platters.

Platters shouldn't feel like saucers are lazy, and saucers shouldn't feel like platters are superheroes.

We all just have different sized plates.

I've always felt like I had a large platter, like the kinds they put cookies on at events. I'm good at juggling lots of things, and always have been.

But let me tell you. There isn't a platter big enough for the last month.

Here's what's been happening lately:

1. I'm still struggling to finish the last chapter of my dissertation. It's so close, but I feel really abandoned by some of my mentors, and have one who has out and out said he didn't want to even be on my committee, so I'm having some real guilt and pain  and anguish about the whole thing.

2. I had a HUGE work event the end of April that took up a ton of my time. At least I got to buy cute new shoes.

3. After the huge work event, I have at least 9 medium work events coming up that I'm coordinating in the next 3 months.

4. The day after the huge event, I found out that, while I had been planning to move in July (just across town, in with my boyfriend) I needed to move May 13th-ish. So even though I was happy that my roommate found a new roommate, yikes.

5. I had to clean out my boyfriend's house - with his help - and figure out what was staying and what was going in a yard sale.

6. I had to pack my house and do the same thing. 

7. I had to physically move, which mostly consisted of me cursing my mother for teaching me to read and encouraging me to buy all those heavy ass books.

8. My boyfriend got a job after almost 3 months of unemployment.

9. Said job meant that he had to fly to training on Sunday, come back Wednesday, and work Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - for 4 weeks. 

10. Starting the week after I found out I needed to move earlier.

11. We both got sick.

12. Yard sale.

And in between all that, we each had family stuff, small work stuff, dog stuff, kid stuff (his daughter is here for the summer), and everyday stuff like eating.

While all of this resulted in some awesome things (great weekend moving, in all honesty, where I got to hang out with my mom and his mom and our friends), I'm exhausted.

Like "I took too many benadryl and now I can't feel my toes" exhausted.

So I'll be in and out here, with lots of exciting stuff in the works (local food reviews! Taste the Rarity review! summer work clothes!) but this platter has got to recognize limits for a minute.

After all, I'm a platter, not buffet table.

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